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Special Considerations for Hypoglycemia

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Physical Activity

Physical exercise as well as other physical activity lowers blood glucose levels, so you’ve to become additional cautious to prevent hypoglycemia throughout and occasionally following physical exercise (in the event you take insulin). Whenever you initial start a physical exercise plan, you’ll have to monitor your blood glucose levels following physical exercise to locate out how the body responds. In the event you really feel as although you’re becoming hypoglycemic whilst you’re exercising, quit at as soon as. Do not say, “I’ll just do 1 much more lap” or “Just five minutes will not hurt.” Quit.

Treating Hypoglycemia during Physical Activity

Check your blood glucose right away and treat hypoglycemia if you need to.

  • If you want to continue your workout, eat a snack, take a 15-minute break, and check to make sure your blood glucose has come back up above 100 mg/dl before starting back.
  • If you start too soon, your blood glucose may drop again, quickly.
  • Studies show that hypoglycemia is even more likely to occur 4-10 hours after you exercise than during the activity or shortly after.

Sexual Activity

If you’re prone to hypoglycemia whenever you function out or at evening, you might also possess a low blood glucose reaction following sexual activity. This could be particularly accurate when you have sex at evening. This really is when your blood glucose levels usually dip, so you might require to adjust your insulin or possess a snack prior to or following sexual activity. Be particularly cautious if you’re combining sexual activity with alcohol.

Avoiding Lows During and After Sex

  • If you use insulin, you need to be watchful for low blood glucose during or after sex.
  • Check your blood glucose first. This may slow you down a bit, but it’s better than having to deal with low blood glucose at an inopportune moment.
  • Eat just before or right after active sex, just as you would if you were exercising.
  • Consider having a snack before going to sleep for the night.
  • If you use an insulin pump, you may want to set a temporary basal or disconnect it during sex to avoid going low. The length of time you can safely keep the pump off without an injection depends on how active you are. Ask your health care team for advice about this.

Heart Disease

Hypoglycemia may cause your heart to beat quicker than regular. When you have heart illness, speak for your physician about how hypoglycemia may impact you. You might require to help keep your blood glucose levels a bit greater to decrease the danger of creating hypoglycemia.


Alcohol lowers blood glucose levels. Usually, when your blood glucose levels start to drop as well low, your liver will convert stored glycogen to glucose. This assists shield you from a serious reaction temporarily and provides you time for you to recognize and treat hypoglycemia. But alcohol interferes with this procedure. In the event you drink alcohol, you might possess a serious hypoglycemic reaction with small warning.
Dawn Phenomenon

The body features a regular mechanism that wakes you up and provides you power to begin the day. The body responds to this wake-up contact of hormones. These hormones depress the activity of insulin, permitting blood glucose to rise in between about four and eight a.m. This really is known as the dawn phenomenon. The dawn phenomenon may be 1 purpose for blood glucose readings and ketone levels which are higher whenever you wake up.
If higher morning blood glucose levels appear to happen mysteriously, talk about the issue together with your wellbeing care group and speak concerning the very best method to treat it.

Severe Hypoglycemia

You can create serious hypoglycemia in case your symptoms of low blood glucose go unnoticed or are ignored. Individuals who are elderly or who take diabetes tablets, like sulfonylureas, are much more like to create serious hypoglycemia. You might shed consciousness in case your brain has been deprived of blood glucose for as well lengthy. This can be a genuine emergency. The very best method to cope with serious hypoglycemia would be to take precautions to ensure that it does not occur within the initial location. Be alert for your symptoms and treat yourself correct away. Do not wait to determine if it gets worse or place off therapy till a much more handy time.

You might turn out to be so confused and irritable that you simply refuse assist throughout a hypoglycemic reaction. These about you might need to be persistent to obtain you the assist you’ll need. They are able to save you from a coma along with a trip towards the hospital by insisting that you simply take some type of glucose rapidly. Your life will probably be simpler and safer if these with whom you invest probably the most time can spot a low glucose reaction and know what to complete about it.

Somebody else should take more than in the event you turn out to be unconscious. You’ll not have the ability to consume or drink something, but your blood glucose levels have to go up instantly. The safest remedy would be to get a glucagon injection. Your helper ought to contact for emergency assist at as soon as if she or he doesn’t understand how to inject glucagon. Glucagon won’t function in somebody who doesn’t have sufficient glucose within the liver, which can happen with starvation, or in these whose liver doesn’t successfully release stored glucose, which can happen with excessive alcohol intake.

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